Will The 80GB PS3 Come To The US?

So we know that Sony will be releasing their 80GB PS3 in Korea starting in June, but the big question is whether or not they will release the larger version here in the US, or in other locations for that matter. Yesterday a Sony official spoke on that subject.

According to Satoshi Fukuoka, a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman, they might release it in other areas, then again they might not. What's better is that they may release it in one market, and not another like the 20GB version. "We make such decisions depending on the needs of the market, and every country is different."

Seriously, what does that mean? People are asking for the 80GB over here in the states, and so far you're not giving it to them. Korea only gets the 80GB model, and you don't even bother releasing the 20GB version in Europe. Is it really that hard to release the same models in all markets? Do you really think that the 60GB would have sold that poorly in Korea, or that no one here wants the 80GB version?

Sony Says Maybe To 80GB PS3 For U.S. [via crunchgear]