Wileyfox Pro is a very late Windows 10 Mobile phone

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Windows 10 Mobile is dead, at least practically and as far as Microsoft is concerned. Apparently, UK phone maker Wileyfox didn't get the memo. Granted, it showed off its Wileyfox Pro back in IFA 2017, so there may not have been enough time to turn around. Instead of cutting their losses, Wileyfox seems to be intent on selling the the Wileyfox Pro in two weeks' time, making it one of the most underwhelming and most belated Windows 10 Mobile phone to date.

Windows 10 Mobile may already be a hard sell at this point, whether or not Microsoft is really axing the platform. The company's mere ambiguity over the matter has caused even staunch supporters like HP, with its notable Elite x3, to reconsider their position.

What more when you slap Windows 10 Mobile on a low-end smartphone? That's exactly what Wileyfox has done with the Wileyfox Pro, which looks like a rebranded and slightly modified ARCHOS 50 Cesium, a 2016 Windows 10 Mobile phone. That means a rather older Snapdragon 210 processor, a 5-inch 720p HD display, 16 GB of storage, an 8 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel front camera. The one thing the Wileyfox Pro has over the ARCHOS is the 2 GB of RAM.

Wileyfox was originally positioning the smartphone as a B2B product, but now it seems it will start selling it directly via Amazon, for 189.99 GBP, roughly $250, starting December 4. You will have to ask, however, what business will invest, no matter how affordable, on a low-end device with a platform that might no longer be supported in the next few years.