WikiReader gets Spring 2010 update offering better keypad

When I was a kid if I needed to know something for a school project I had to actually use a book to find it. There was no internet that would give me all the answers in a few seconds of searching. Kids today have it easy when it comes to finding information on a subject and the WikiReader that debuted in October 2009 made finding information easy to do without an internet connection.

The little device has a touchscreen and can browse the millions of Wikipedia entries covering a myriad of topics form text only archived copies of Wikipedia entries stored on microSD cards. The company behind the WikiReader is Openmoko and the firm has announced the Spring 2010 update for the WikiReader.

The update adds new Wikipedia entries to the WikiReader database and improves on the functionality of the device. The on-screen keypad is improved with an animated key feature when keys are pressed similar to how the iPhone keyboard works. The update also improves navigation and makes scrolling smoother. One of the most requested features was also added to the update — a back button to return to previous articles. The update is available for download at no charge or the update can be had on two microSD cards for $29.