Wii's Wireless Capabilities Unveiled

We have some more details on Nintendo's upcoming next-gen console, the Wii. (insert obligatory Wii joke here) If you've been considering getting one, we've finally found out how the Wi-Fi system will work when the system ships, as well as some new information regarding the Virtual Console's availability and uses.

Second, the Virtual Console won't just be a place for old titles to have their second glory. Nintendo plans to make the SDK for the Virtual Console very cheap and accessible to allow smaller game companies to publish games that they otherwise would be unable to afford. In the words of Nintendo:

It (Virtual Console) also will be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets.

So expect to see new NES/SNES/Genesis/TG16/N64 games coming out before long. Maybe we'll also see a new 2D Mario, Metroid, or Zelda game from the happy elves at Nintendo too. Stay tuned!

[via MegaGames]