Wii U launch pushed to December in Europe

Nintendo has been having a very rough time over the last several quarters as its profits fall and the company faces losses. Some of the blame for the decline in profitability for Nintendo falls on a sagging global economy. However, some of the blame certainly falls on aging hardware and the lack of new and innovative video games.

Nintendo is optimistic for its new Wii U game console, and the console's interesting LCD equipped controller. The key for Nintendo will be to get the new console on the market in time for the holiday shopping season of 2012, which is only four months away. Sources claiming to be familiar with the inner workings at Nintendo are reporting that the Wii U launch date has been pushed back to December across Europe.

Nintendo had originally planned to launch the Wii U in November. The sources claim that the key issue delaying production of the console is a complicated Wii U Gamepad. The game pad has a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, front facing camera, motion sensing, and NFC technology inside along with its own power supply. The controller is also able to play video games on its LCD without the main console.

Nintendo maintains that the display equipped controller will be wireless. At least for now, it appears that Nintendo still intends to launch in November within the United States. The US is traditionally one of Nintendo's largest markets, and the company wants the Wii U on store shelves in time for Black Friday.

[via CVG]