Wii Table Tennis Paddle Accessory is Actually Worth Looking At

It hasn't been much of a secret that third-party accessories for Nintendo's video game console, the Wii, are notoriously bad. In fact, when we see things like inflatable cars, we're almost forced to look away. But, it looks like the string of bad ideas has actually turned into something noteworthy. This brand new table tennis paddle is apparently worth taking a second look at, according to writer for Game People, Paul Govan.

The accessory itself is manufactured by an unnamed Chinese manufacturer, which would normally start sending up red flags. But, apparently the controller isn't just some kind of husk to hide your Wii remote in. No, the paddle is actually the controller. It has all of the Wii remote's sensors and electronics inside, making it better than most accessories just by default. But, what gives it the edge over even some of the most advanced third-party accessories, is the fact that that the unnamed Chinese manufacturer also managed to throw in Nintendo's Motion Plus goodies in there, too.

The experience is said to be so much better, that it's a wonder that more companies out there haven't taken advantage of something like this before. Then again, it might be frowned upon by Nintendo to do such a thing. Nevertheless, Govan goes on to say that the remote's look and feel make it more comfortable and natural to play Wii Sports Table Tennis. There's no word on when the accessory will see the light of day in this part of the world, but hopefully international distributors start taking notice.

[via OhGizmo!]