Wii Fit U Lands In Time To Help You Meet Those Fitness New Year's Resolutions

The Nintendo Wii certainly broke new ground when it came to controls, even if the games didn't have the graphics that most gamers expected. One of the more popular games and accessories for the original Wii was the Wii Fit. That device helped people get fit while playing games.

Nintendo has had its new Wii U game console on the market for a long time now and it's not exactly burning up the sales charts any more. Nintendo has also been promising a version of the Wii Fit for the new console.

The Wii Fit U is finally set to hit retail with the accessory landing on January 10. The Wii Fit U bundle including the balance board and a Fit Meter tracker along with software will cost $90. If you have the balance board from your Wii, you can get the software and the fit meter for $50.

If you have multiple people in the house that want to use Wii Fit U, you can get individual fit Meters for $20 each. Nintendo is offering a trial promo deal that lets you download Wii Fit U via the eShop and sync a Fit Meter to get a $30 discount.

SOURCE: Engadget