WiFi signals kill sperm according to scientists

If you want to have kids guys you had better keep that laptop off your nads according to some scientists from Argentina. According to these scientists if you put a laptop in your lap you run the risk of decreasing your sperm count and that might make it hard to reproduce. Before any of you get any ideas, I don't think strapping a couple netbooks to your legs with WiFi running wide open will prevent pregnancy.

The researchers found 29 volunteers that worked hard to make the study come to fruition. The testing involved getting sperm samples from the 29 participants and then placing a drop of the sample on a dish under a laptop running WiFi. The little buggers were left to swim under the WiFi signals for four hours while a control group of samples was left at the same temperature away from WiFi.

After the time was up the samples were then placed under a microscope to determine motility. Of the WiFi exposed samples, 25% were found to be not swimming after four hours. In the control group, only 14% of the sperm were no longer swimming. The researchers blame the electromagnetic radiation generated by WiFi for the decreased sperm motility.

[via Reuters]