WiFi prank grounds Qantas flight for two hours

WiFi SSIDs can be amusing. One of my friends has theirs set to BillWiTheScienceFi. It's the sort of thing will make you chuckle as he tells you which network is his, and what the password is. However, there are some network names that might seem funny, but can actually cause serious issues. One person found this out the hard way.

During preparations for takeoff, a recent Qantas flight remained grounded, once a passenger noted a very peculiar wireless network that was available to connect to. The network was named "Mobile Detonation Device." When the passenger reported it, the pilot refused to take off until the device was found. Not long after the announcement, the wireless network disappeared, and no harmful device was found on the plane.

The plane eventually took off, around two hours behind schedule. Roughly 40 passengers refused to fly on the plane after the incident, and were allowed to leave the plane before it took off. And since it made it to its destination, it's clear that the hotspot was meant to be some kind of clever joke. I doubt many people on the flight were laughing, however.

There are times and places for jokes. Just keep in mind that bomb jokes at an airport/on an airplane are never going to be funny. I'm pretty sure just saying the word "bomb" or "detonation" is enough to get you some "enhanced screening."

VIA: Geek