Wicked Lasers kills iPhone 5 with lasers and a flashlight

Every time a new gadget launches with lots of pomp and fanfare, there is always someone out there that buys one just to break it. Geeks are good tearing stuff up and over the years it's become a bit of an art form to come up with the craziest way to destroy the cool gadgets most of us lust after. We have seen gadgets ground up in blenders and smashed up in just about any way imaginable.

One thing I haven't seen is an iPhone 5 destroyed using the power of light. The guys over at Wicked Lasers took a new iPhone 5 out-of-the-box and arranged six of their powerful 1-watt lasers to shine their green beams in one spot. It doesn't take long before the screen is damaged and discolored.

The iPhone 5 was still operating even though the screen is pretty much destroyed. Not happy with setting the iPhone 5 ablaze, Wicked Lasers resorted to using one of its insanely bright and powerful flashlights. The flashlight used is called Flash Torch, and it produces enough light and heat to set things on fire.

The Flash Torch was turned on and placed directly against the screen of the iPhone 5. Not long after, the phone bursts into flames. If you find yourself wishing you owned a burned-out husk of an iPhone 5, Wicked Lasers is giving this smartphone away in some sort of contest.