Why Steve Jobs' Cup of Coffee Would Go for Much More Than Tim Cook's

If you're thirsty, you can grab a cup of Joe with Apple CEO Tim Cook and talk to him about, well, just about anything.Right now, Cook is auctioning off the amount of time it takes to sip a cup of coffee to one lucky (and rich) fan. As of this writing, the bid stands at $190,000, even though its estimated value is $50,000. And since there are nearly three weeks left to bid, it shouldn't surprise anyone if that figure runs much, much higher.

But as I look at the bids rising and people lining up for the opportunity to talk to Cook, I can't help but wonder what would happen if Steve Jobs were alive and offering the same deal for charity. And if I'm right, there's a good chance that the cup of coffee Steve Jobs would be talking over would cost a bit more than Cook's.

[aquote]Tim Cook isn't the most dynamic person in the world.[/aquote]

Let's face it – Tim Cook isn't the most dynamic person in the world. He's undoubtedly one of the most successful people in the technology industry and if anything, he knows how to run a truly massive company. But Cook is not Steve Jobs. More importantly, Cook hasn't elevated himself to the level of Superman within the technology industry.

The issue for Tim Cook is that he's viewed by some as simply riding the wave that Steve Jobs created. And with reports that Jobs himself left a roadmap of products for Apple before he died, there are some who believe that Cook is only doing what he was told to do a couple of years ago. In other words, he doesn't get much respect, even though he truly deserves it.

Steve Jobs, meanwhile, had God-like status among technology enthusiasts. When he walked on stage, it didn't take long for the standing ovation to commence and tech lovers around the world to start to drool. And when he started speaking, Jobs had the unique ability to captivate an audience and make them truly believe that whatever it was that he pulled out of his pocket was special.

[aquote]Steve Jobs, meanwhile, had God-like status among technology enthusiasts.[/aquote]

More importantly, Jobs was highly respected among businesspeople – the most likely group to win the Tim Cook bid. Jobs was able to turn around a dying company and turn it into the world's largest. Tim Cook hasn't achieved that just yet. And among executives, he's not at the same level as his predecessor.

So, I ask you: how much would a cup of coffee with Steve Jobs actually cost? If I were a betting man, I'd say that it would hit $500,000 or more. Sure, it's high, but we're talking about the one man in the history of the technology industry that was able to turn the head of nearly everyone around the world. And some people would have given much more than a bundle of cash to sit next to him at a table.

Of course, this is not to say that Tim Cook is not worth having a discussion with or doing a good thing by offering his time. But let's face it: Tim Cook isn't Steve Jobs. And despite his best efforts, he never will be.