Why I Have Such A Good Feeling About E3 2011

Starting on Monday, the biggest gaming event of the year, E3, will kick off in Los Angeles. Each year, the event is home to major announcements, new games, and all kinds of gaming-related news that will have a direct impact on our lives in the coming months and years.[Image credit: Fabio Santana]

This year, as with previous years, rumors continue to crop up about what will and will not be announced at the event. And most gamers that enjoy playing titles on consoles, portables, and PCs, will be watching closely to see if those rumors come true.

Like those folks, I will paying quite a bit of attention to what happens at E3. I'm especially excited to hear more details on Sony's upcoming portable, the NGP. I also want to hear about Nintendo's next console. Combine that with more details on Mass Effect 3 and all the games that we don't even know about yet, and it's safe to say I'm quite excited about what might come out of the show.

Aside from excitement, I also have a good feeling about this year's E3. Some years, all the hype surrounding the event is never realized, due to somewhat boring announcements and few titles that actually impress those in attendance. But this year will be different. I simply have no reason to believe that E3 2011 will be anything other than an impressive, exciting event.

And the main reason for that is Nintendo's upcoming game console. Although details so far are slim, I think the console could catch on in a big way with both casual and hardcore gamers. After all, rumors suggest the device will boast the same motion connectivity casual gamers love, but feature the graphical prowess that hardcore gamers are after. It seems that Nintendo is finally ready to accept that the casual-game market, while profitable for a time, might not be as good for its operation as it originally thought.

But my high hopes for E3 go beyond Nintendo's upcoming game console.

Sony has already revealed its NGP, and it has even posted videos as of late showcasing the device. But at E3, all the questions I have been asking, including how much it will cost and how good the graphics will really be should be answered.

See, I enjoy playing games from time to time. But I've lost all interest in my PSP, and Nintendo's portables have never really appealed to me. Games on the iPhone, while addicting for a while, tend to fall short over the long-term.

I think the NGP can solve that issue for me. As long as Sony can deliver on its promises and offer the device at a reasonable price, I'll be happy. It won't be like carrying the PlayStation 3 around with me, like rumors suggested following the NGP's announcement, but it will be close. And that alone gets me excited.

So, perhaps I'm hardware-obsessed, but I think the NGP and Nintendo's next console will steal the show at E3. And with the help of so many compelling games sure to be shown off and announced at the event, I see no possibility of the show being a disappointment.

SlashGear is at E3 2011 this coming week – stand by for all the news from the biggest gaming show on the calendar!