Why aren't more games on the Mac? Valve co-founder speaks out

One of the major drawbacks about Apple's computers is that they really aren't gaming friendly. Granted, EA has made a push to get their games onto the Mac, but what about others? In a recent interview, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell gives his views on the subject.

When it comes to gaming, everyone seems to point the finger at Apple. They don't do enough to get the games on their platform. The same remains true for Valve. Apparently they have met with Apple on numerous occasions to get the ball rolling, however, Apple never really follows through. Come on Apple, do you know how many people would love to play Half Life 2 on a Mac?

Hopefully with Apple embracing EA's games on the Mac they will slowly become more willing to work with other gaming companies to get their software onto the Mac platform. Until this happens, Apple can never truly compete with the PC market. It's sad (I'm a huge Apple fan) but true.

Valve co-founder on why its games aren't on the Mac [via infiniteloop]