Why Apple Shouldn't License OS X to other hardware vendors

Psystar has brought into the public light an issue that has long plagued the tech industry. Why does Apple keep their software closed to only Apple's hardware? Several projects have sprouted, some even growing wings, that are efforts to bring OS X, and all its updates, to custom built X86 machines, including OSX86, and most recently Psystar. So, now you are likely wondering, why I think Apple should work as hard as they do to keep the supply of OS X-base computers to just Apple hardware.

The answer is simple, the User Experience, level of security, and quality that goes with the Apple/Mac/OS X name has only built up to what it is today due to the care Apple has given to choosing its computer's hardware components and controlling how they work together, how they're built, basically controlling everything. Changing that would be a detriment to Apple's reputation and would drop OS X's reputation as what is quite possibly the easiest operating system there is to use.

Sure, I'd love to own a Mac, and sure, the reason why I don't is because they cost so much, but I'd much rather not have one that not have the experience the way Apple built and designed it. When I get a Mac, and I will, it will be, at the time, the pinnacle of today's hardware and software efforts bringing me the best of both worlds, the reason is because Apple won't allow it to be anything less.

All of that hard work on Apple's part will quickly go down the drain if any yahoo is able to throw OS X on any old machine he throws together of what is likely to be subpar hardware. Then the OS starts throwing errors due to incompatible hardware, things become as glitch and as sketchy as Microsoft Windows, and it's not because Apple created a weak OS, it will be because the system builder made a crap computer, but much like Windows, Apple will get the blame, not the guy who built the crappy computer.

So although I do like the idea of Apple's OS running on some cheaper hardware, I also really hope that Apple wins all future cases to keep their software off of subpar hardware. So, what are your thoughts on this matter? Are you and Apple purist or are you browsing this site using your custom built hacked OS X system right now? Hit me up in the comments, I love to hear what you all have to say.