Why Apple Shouldn't Have Launched the New Apple TV

Are you excited about the new Apple TV? Are you planning to buy one the minute you can get your hands on it? Are you drooling at the thought of hooking it up to your television?No? Me neither.

As an Apple TV owner, I'm more than a little disappointed with the new version of Apple's set-top box. After reports of dwindling stock cropped up, I figured Apple was planning a major improvement to the Apple TV. I expected everything from App Store integration to gaming. And yet, all I got was a device that looks the same, comes with the same price tag, and now supports 1080p.

So, perhaps the question is, why did Apple even launch the new Apple TV?

Yes, yes, I know that the company's fans will say that Apple was forced to launch a new model with a better processor to handle the higher-quality video. I'll also acknowledge that the new software design is a welcome addition. But that could have been added to my Apple TV. And the 1080p video? Well, I'm not too sure I care.

There's nothing worse to me than a company packaging what amounts to be the same old device and calling it an update. The new Apple TV is basically the same old set-top box with a couple additions here and there that I don't particularly care for.

[aquote]Luckily I already own an Apple TV and don't have to waste another $99 to get this one[/aquote]

Luckily, I already own an Apple TV so I don't have to waste another $99 to get this one. But what about those who don't know what I know? What about those folks that see a new Apple product and expect the world? Those people will be saddened to find that the $100 they just dropped was for a black box that really should only cost $50.

If I sound angry in this column, there's good reason for it: I am angry.

For years now, I've been calling on Apple to make its set-top box impressive. I've wanted a host of features that the company is seemingly against offering. And time and again, it delivers products that in no way impress us. At what point will Apple finally understand the needs of today's "living room" customers and deliver to them what they want?

I think I might have the answer. But it won't be coming in the form of a set-top box. No, the next big launch in the home-entertainment space is the Apple Television. I believe it's coming later this year. And when it does, I, and all those who are attracted to the Apple TV now, will be buying that device.

After all, the television will come with all the features we want. Why shouldn't we buy something that has what we want — and not something that doesn't?