Whoops, picture of Sidekick ID accidentally shows up at CTIA

Have you ever made one of those really big mistakes (like mowing over your wife's garden) and then upon realizing what you've done, you try to "fix" the problem (like trying to plant some fake flowers) before anyone notices? If you have, then you know you never actually get away with it, and in the internet age, not only do you get caught, but everyone knows about it soon afterwards.Before:

Credit: Thanks to the guys at Gizmodo for the picture

Someone might want to tell the guys over at the UTStarcom booth. It seems that they put up a banner showing off the Sidekick ID at CTIA this week. Apparently they weren't supposed to be showing off the ID because sometime after the banner went up it was "fixed" with spraypaint. Vincent got a good picture of it after the new paintjob, but the guys over at Gizmodo managed to snap one before the banner was mutilated.


If you were looking for some good info on the Sidekick ID, Crunchgear got the scoop on it last week. The ID is basically a stripped-down version of Sidekick 3 with such features as Bluetooth, MP3 player, digital camera and the miniSD slot missing.