Whole Foods is investigating a payment card data breach

Whole Foods has revealed that it is investigating a potential data breach that may have affected the taprooms and in-store restaurants within some Whole Foods locations. Not much is known about the possible breach at this time, aside from the fact that it affects payment cards. The company has promised to update customers with more information in the future.

Whole Foods recently published a release detailing the investigation, explaining that both the taprooms and in-store restaurants use different point-of-sale systems than the checkout systems used in the actual grocery store. That means customers who purchased items from the primary Whole Foods stores weren't affected by the data breach.

In its release, Whole Foods explains that it 'received information regarding unauthorized access of payment card information.' It doesn't detail whether this info came from a bank or elsewhere, but says that it has since started investigating alongside a cyber security forensics firm and law enforcement.

If you have used a bank card at a taproom or restaurant inside of a Whole Foods market, you should keep an eye on your bank account for any signs of misuse. We won't know more until Whole Foods progresses in its own investigation; how long that may take isn't known.

SOURCE: Whole Foods