Whitespace Remover fixes new Google+ layout

Google rolled out a refreshed user interface for Google+ on Wednesday, and predictably opinion seems to be split on the change. While we personally think it looks better, one thing that irks us (among other widescreen monitor users) is the large amount of wasted white space. Luckily, there's a Chrome and Firefox extension that will remove the unnecessary void and tighten things up.

Whitespace Remover does exactly what it says on the tin. Rather than having everything shifted to the left of the screen, Whitespace Remover does away with the wasted space and centers all the Google+ elements, making for a much nicer experience on widescreen monitors. The extension also adds a gray box around content which makes pages easier on the eyes.

Hopefully this extension fixes what for many was a point of contention with the new Google+ layout. Users complained about the wasted space, as well as the massive gap between page content and the Hangouts bar. Larry Page said that the space would be used in the future with a new feature, although failed to mention what that might be.

Whitespace Remover is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Why not test it out by visiting the +SlashGear and +Android Community pages?

[via Lifehacker]