White PS4 Destiny Bundle arrives September 9

Sony is in the throes of its E3 press conference, and during such it just announced that a white PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle is set to arrive on September 9. This exclusive bundle will, obviously, include the game Destiny as well as a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership.

They call the upcoming PS4 a glacier white offering, and with it will come 500GB of storage space, helping put that PlayStation Plus membership to good use. Otherwise the console will be the same as its darker brethren (check out our PS4 review if you haven't already).

This announcement, of course, was part of its larger Destiny showcase, with Sony announcing that a Beta version will be arriving for PS4 gamers on July 17, a little over one month from now. All of this will be preceded by the game's Alpha build showing up on Wednesday.