White OnePlus 9 Pro exists, but you can never get one

Even in an age of ultra-thin cases and skins, some consumers still prefer to use their phones in their naked glory. That, in turn, means having to decide on a color you will live with for more than a few years, presuming the phone lasts that long. Since manufacturers ship only a limited set of colors that may vary by market, some color options are rarer or might not even exist at all. A pure white OnePlus 9 Pro, for example, it a literal one-of-a-kind, and OnePlus is cruelly teasing the existence of a smartphone that you may never be able to get your hands on.

The OnePlus 9 Pro officially comes in light gray Morning Mist, Pine Green, and Stellar Black color options. The OnePlus 9, on the other hand, offers purplish Winter Mist, Arctic Sky, and Astral Black choices. While there are mostly pure black options for both models, neither come in a pure white color.

Taking to its Weibo account, OnePlus teases what at first looks like a new color option to mark the company's 8th anniversary. Calling it "the world's only customized white 9 pro," the phone is designed to look smart and pure at the same time. Against a whitish background, it definitely looks the part.

The company also lost no time advertising the technologies used in making the phone, like a double-layer AG (presumably anti-glare) coating. OnePlus also says that the glass back won't show fingerprints to mar its pristine appearance, a difficult feat for any smartphone of any color.

Unfortunately, OnePlus also told GSMArena that there exists only one white OnePlus 9 Pro in the whole world. It's also just a prototype that isn't even intended to be mass-produced. That could be a huge letdown for many OnePlus fans enticed by the purity of this color variant, and it remains to be seen if OnePlus will change its mind depending on how much interest the prototype gets.