White House Rickrolls twitter user for complaining about briefing

I have always thought that life is more fun when you take the time for the little things like smelling the flowers and making fun of people when they least expect it. This is something you might expect from bloggers and your friends, but you might not expect someone at the White House to have a sense of humor, especially considering how unpopular Obama is in some circles.

Apparently at least one of the people that has access to the White House twitter account has a sense of humor and the testicular fortitude to openly mock another twitter user according to TheNextWeb. As the story goes, a correspondent dude named David Wiggs was covering the correspondent briefing when he sent the tweet out that lead to his Rickrolling.

Wiggs tweeted that the correspondent brief wasn't nearly as entertaining as the one the day before. It didn't take long for someone from the White House to hop on twitter and respond with something a bit more entertaining. The tweet and the Rickroll video that it led to are shown in the photo above.

[via TheNextWeb]