White House '1600' AR app makes a dollar bill come alive

The White House has launched a new augmented reality app called '1600,' and it works by overlaying a 3D version of the White House over the images printed on a dollar bill. The app is simple to use — you just pull up the camera and point it at any dollar bill you have available. The app takes care of the rest, raising a tiny White House on the front of the dollar until it is full size. A helicopter zooms in, people carrying flags appear, and more.

The White House announced the offering today. The app's name, 1600, points toward its purpose: to give a small glimpse of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The app is available on iOS and Android now; you'll need to be running Android 4.0 or higher, or iOS 8.0 or higher to use it.

As with other AR apps, the small interactive White House appears to exist in your actual environment, staying in its proper place as you move your phone's camera around it. Everything the app reveals, though, is only visible through your smartphone or tablet's screen, making it a special, if not isolated, experience.

'1600' was built via a collaboration between Nexus Studios and the White House Historical Association. According to the White House, the app aims to educate individuals — particularly children — about the White House and its 'role in our democracy.' The White House also teases that tapping the in-app Oval Office will give you a surprise.

SOURCE: White House Blog