White 6-inch Kindle now available in the UK

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The white 6-inch Amazon Kindle has been around in Japan and China for a while now, but was offered nowhere outside of those countries. In other parts of the world, we had only the black Kindle as an option. That has now changed with Amazon offering the white Kindle to buyers in the UK. Fans of the white color in the US and other countries are still stuck with the black version only.

Other than being swathed in a white case, the Kindle is the same on the inside as the black one. It has a 6-inch glare free touchscreen designed to be as readable outside in the bright sun as it is inside in the house. The new Kindle has 4GB of on-device storage, which will hold thousands of books.

If you fill up the on-device storage, Amazon offers free cloud storage as well. Power comes from an internal battery good for up to four weeks of use based on a half hour of reading each day. It takes four hours to fully charge the device.

It supports book formats that Amazon sells and TXT, PDF, and other file formats. The white 6-inch Kindle will sell for £59.99 with special offers and ships free in the UK.

SOURCE: Amazon