Whistle dog wearable hitting Apple Store, IFTTT

Nate Swanner - Oct 14, 2014, 5:50 pm CDT
Whistle dog wearable hitting Apple Store, IFTTT

We talk an awful lot about wearables, and the Internet of Things, but what about the family dog? Your pooch can take advantage of tech, too, with Whistle being the best option. Whistle is announcing some new functionality today, and some extended reach. Soon, you’ll be able to snap up a Whistle for your pup at the Apple Store. The deal gives whistle their first real stretch into the retail space outside of the pet store, and puts Whistle on the dog’s collar much faster.

Aside from the retail stretch, Whistle is bringing in some IFTTT functionality. Via the software platform, you can get info on the activity level of your dog — either too much, or too little. If the dog hasn’t hit their goal for the day, you can get notified it’s time to take him or her for a walk.

You can also trigger some social things via IFTTT, like posting pics to your Whistle timeline, which are pulled from Instagram via a hashtag.

The Whistle app now lets you keep up with the dog’s vaccinations, or lets you monitor when you gave medication. That will take the guesswork out of potentially fatal double-doses.

The IFTTT recipes will arrive this week, and Whistle will be available in the Apple Store near you (in the US and Canada, also online) starting today. Whistle pricing is also coming down from $129 down to $99.

Source: Whistle

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