Whirlpool's new Smart Thermometer works with Yummly app

Whirlpool has launched a new Yummly-branded Smart Thermometer that'll hit the market in coming weeks. With this device, and as you likely anticipate, users can monitor the temperature of their foods in a way that traditional dumb thermometers can't. The Smart Thermometer supports Whirlpool's Yummly mobile app and works with the user's smartphone to deliver food alerts.

Connected kitchen gadgets have become increasingly common, enabling home chefs to plan out a meal schedule, find recipes using the ingredients they already have, and monitor their dishes using a smart speaker or smartphone. Whirlpool has launched a number of its own connected kitchen gadgets, the latest of which is branded after its Yummly subscription and mobile app.

Yummly is, put simply, a recipe recommendation platform available on the Web in addition to the mobile app. Users can plan meals and make a shopping list for goods, browse recipes based on cuisine type, category (breakfast, etc.), as well as recipes for side dishes and drinks. The new Smart Thermometer features the Yummly brand.

Upon its upcoming launch, this thermometer will work with the Yummly app to monitor the temperatures of both the user's food and their oven. Users will be able to view the temperatures in the Yummly app, plus they'll get push notifications when the food is finished cooking. This capability will expand to include direct support for connected Whirlpool ovens later this year.

The Yummly service includes 'connected' recipes, which feature a fork icon and are compatible with the connected Whirlpool ovens. If the user cooks a connected recipe, the oven will be able to automatically adjust its settings and temperature for the dish. As expected, Whirlpool will show off its new thermometer at CES 2020 next week.

The Yummly Smart Thermometer will be priced at $129 USD.