Which would you trust, your GPS or a Magic 8 Ball?

It looks like the guys over at CNET might just have too much time on their hands. Or maybe I'm just envious that they got to test drive the new 2007 Honda Accord. Either way, they have conducted a scientific experiment and pitted the Honda's new GPA system against the mystical forces of a Magic 8 Ball.

What is fascinating is that they had almost no trouble reaching their destination when using the magic 8 ball. In fact, they actually preferred the route selected by the 8 Ball over the one selected by Honda's GPS unit. Unfortunately, the Magic 8 Ball started to lead them in circles on the return trip. You can't expect it to just keep giving out useful advice forever.

This isn't to say that the the abilities of the GPS unit were lacking, quite to the contrary. But it just proves once again that you don't mess with the mystical forces behind the Magic 8 ball.

GPS versus Magic 8-ball [via crave]