When Google finishes Skynet, only two will survive

Google is building Skynet — that much we know. Robotics, location awareness, even self-driving cars. They're in your home, in your pocket, and will soon be just about everywhere you turn. So, when the machines become self-aware and begin reasoning outside of interactions with humans, who lives? Two people, and only two people.

While we were all wrapped up in I/O and Maps games, Google was quietly plotting a survival plan for the day things get out of control. As it turns out, the company is keeping the open-source course, and have released their plans for all to see. Though the failsafe is only four lines of code, it's disturbing.

When — not if — Terminator-style robots see the light of day, Sergey Brin and Larry Page will be the only two spared. A few lines of code, likely deeply embedded in whatever monstrosities Google X is cooking up, show that the destructive forces of future machines will bypass Larry and Sergey altogether.

Google claims the page was put there to commemorate the 20th anniversary of robots.txt, a document which excludes pages from Google's massive search crawling brain. Objective, sound reasoning tells us that's nonsense, and their purchase of Boston Robotics was, in fact, to build and distribute T-100 and T-800 cyborgs. We know they're trailing these bots, and are even lining up mass production deals.

We can also see that, given the disallow mention, Google+ will become the internet someday, as was previously rumored. It's not yet clear if the two Google founders are leading the resistance, or will wait the war out and re-take their place atop the digital world. We've reached out to Google to find if a John or Sarah Conner currently work at Google, and will update when we hear more.

Source: Google