When does the 2021 Steam Lunar New Year Sale begin?

It was only a few weeks ago that we were in the midst of the Steam Winter Sale, and now we seem to approaching the kick off to a new one. Like many other platform holders, Valve is expected to host a Lunar New Year Sale on Steam this year, and if you've got your eye on a game, you're probably best off waiting to buy it, as that sale is rumored to kick off very soon.

How soon? Tomorrow, if SteamDB's prediction is correct. According to SteamDB, the 2021 Steam Lunar New Year Sale is slated to begin on Thursday, February 11th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST. It's important to remember that these times have not been confirmed by Valve itself and that this start time is based on leaks and unconfirmed information, so keep that in mind.

With that said, SteamDB is generally pretty accurate when it comes to predicting Steam sales, and Valve has hosted Lunar New Year Sales in the past. With the Year of the Ox beginning on Friday, February 12th, the timing is certainly right for Valve's 2021 Lunar New Year Sale.

All things considered, this is going to be a rather brief sale. While Valve's Summer and Winter Sales last for weeks, the Lunar New Year Sale will be wrapping up on Monday, February 15th, giving you the weekend to make any purchases you're considering. Just as well, this sale will likely be smaller in scope than the Summer and Winter Sales, so don't be shocked if a game you've had your eye on doesn't get a big discount this time around.

So, we'll see tomorrow if SteamDB's predictions pan out (which they likely will). Whether it's tomorrow or some other day this week, we'll let you know when the 2021 Steam Lunar New Year Sale kicks off, so stay tuned for more.