WhatsApp Messenger launches for BlackBerry 10 devices

If you're BlackBerry fan that has adopted a BlackBerry 10 device, a new app is available for you to download today that many have been waiting for. The app is called WhatsApp Messenger and it is now available the BlackBerry World storefront. The app is a cross-platform mobile messaging application that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay SMS fees.

The application allows users to exchange messages using the same mobile web connectivity used for checking e-mail and browsing the web. That means there's no additional cost to stay in touch with friends who use the app. That is assuming you stay within your data limits naturally.

BlackBerry says that the app offers a fantastic experience to BlackBerry 10 users that leverages the multitasking capability of the devices. The app offers instant push notifications to alert users when a message is received, even if the screen is locked. The app is also fully integrated with BlackBerry Contacts supporting automatic contact scanning to build your contact list and help you start messaging people right away.

The app is available to download starting today via BlackBerry World. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton says that BlackBerry has been a great platform for WhatsApp for many years. The app was officially announced yesterday, but could've taken 24 hours to appear on the BlackBerry World storefront. That means it should be there today and ready for download.

[via BlackBerry]