What is the best Blu-Ray player out there?

James Allan Brady - Mar 25, 2008

With the versions of Blu-Ray standards changing as often as they are, and with new features being added to various Blu-Ray discs its no surprise that even with the choice of HD-DVD being eliminated its still hard to decide which Blu-Ray player to buy. You might be surprised at the answer to this new question.

The answer lies with Sony. No, I am not talking about any of their many dedicated Blu-Ray players, I am referring to their gaming system, the PS3. Just consider the cost benefits of it, I just did a Google search for “Sony PS3” and under their shopping link found a brand new 60GB PS3 going for $240, a search for “Blu-Ray Player” yielded the cheapest, relevant, result being $246.99, with the average being between $350-$400, and, if you are just buying the PS3 to play movies, you can also use the included drive space for some movies or music and make it into a bit of a media center type device.

So what if you aren’t a gamer, if you just want the latest and greatest that the new Blu-Ray features are offering up the PS3 is the way to go. The updates are as simple as Sony throwing up a firmware update on the network and you downloading and installing it all on your PS3, the whole process being almost completely automated for you. It is the simplest and most feature rich Blu-Ray player there is out there, and if you ever get the itch, you can always use it for its intended purpose, gaming.

[via unplggd]

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