What If Google Got Into the Console Market?

The console market has been the subject of much debate lately. Nintendo's Wii U has inspired some fans, and disappointed many others. Still others have ignored the device. Meanwhile, Sony's PlayStation 4 has the gaming world abuzz with promises of dramatically improved graphics. And with Microsoft expected to announce a new Xbox at some point in the next few months, gamers are more excited for what's to come than they have been in years.But there's more to it than that. A Kickstarter-funded company is selling a device known as Ouya that promises to combine the benefits of mobile and console gaming into one device that connects to the television. Steam is working on a console that will bring PC titles to the living room. There have even been rumors that Apple is planning a gaming push.

The Apple rumors are arguably the most interesting. They seem to indicate that Apple is going to bring iOS gaming to the console market and all of its developers will come along with it. And since the iPhone maker has become such a force in the gaming space in such a short amount of time with iOS, there's no reason to suggest it wouldn't make a similar splash in the console space.

Although I'd agree with that sentiment, I think we might all be missing the obvious here: Google might just sweep into the console space and win the war.

Now, I know that we've heard no indication that Google actually has plans to get into the console market, but is it such a stretch to say that it could? First off, the company has tried to make inroads into the console space with Google TV. And although that hasn't been the most successful launch, it's proven that Google is at least thinking about branching out into the living room.

At the same time, we mustn't forget that Google has been taking some changes lately in the hardware market. The company now has smartphones and tablets that it's selling and its acquisition of Motorola was a not-so-subtle attempt by the search giant to break into the hardware side.

[aquote]Android seems perfectly suited for the console market[/aquote]

And then there's Android. The operating system that has worked so well on smartphones, tablets, and other devices, seems perfectly suited for the console market. And with mobile processors getting more powerful by the day, it's not such a leap for a game company to bring their top titles on Android to a device running that operating system from Google.

Oh, and one more thing: don't you think that more than anything, Google would love to take Microsoft down in the console market? If there's anything we know about Google, it's that the company can't stand Microsoft. And beating the software giant out on something is its favorite feat. By bringing Android to the console market and delivering its own device, Google might just have a shot at it.

Call me crazy, but I think Google could actually perform quite well in the console market.