What do you get when you cross a USB cable with a phone cord?

Sometimes I find the most simplistic creations to also be the most useful. Take the spork for example, they just combined a spoon and a fork to create the ultimate utensil.

This little guy won't help food to get from your plate to your mouth, but it might help you with your USB devices. Basically, what they've done is combined a standard USB cable with an old phone cord. The result is a coiled USB cable. This is pretty cool because I am always plugging in different USB devices into my PC, and it might make things a little more organized.

I do wish it had ends that you could switch out for the different type USB connectors out there. I currently use a cable like that, and it's a life saver. But for $12.97 this still isn't a bad idea.

Coiled USB 2.0 Cable Looks like Phone Cord [via everythingusb]