Wetley GGRX intro'd as first available Glass prescription lens adapter

OpticsPlanet, under its latest Wetley brand, has announced the GGRX, something it says is the first available prescription adapter for Glass Explorer Edition units. The adapters won't be shipping out for another two or three weeks, but all the details have been laid out, among them being the price tag of $99.99 USD. There are a couple different varieties being launched, allowing all sorts of needs to be met.

The GGRX is made of a stainless steel frame said to be both modern and lightweight, with the lenses made of polycarbonate designed to handle impacts. There's also Crisal anti-reflective coating, and different tints can be selected if desired, particularly for those wanting a prescription sunglasses offering with the Glass. The design itself is simple, made to clip onto Google's wearable by way of the nose piece — no gluing or screwing is needed, which is the sticking point (pun intended) for some alternatives that have been announced.

The lowest-priced offering is the frames only, which can be taken to one's preferred optician to have lenses installed — this one is priced at $99 USD. The single-vision prescription lenses option is expected by Wetley to be the most in-demand, and will be priced at $149.99 USD. The Progressive Prescription Lenses will be priced at $249.99 USD, while the Sunglasses with Gray Tint sans prescription will be $139.99 USD. There's also a prescription sunglasses + eyeglass 2 adapter kit option, but no price for that package yet.

OpticPlanet's President Pavel Shvartsman said: "Ever since Google Glass was unveiled, we've been working on this product quietly but with

incredible excitement. Our team of experienced industrial designers and optical experts have gone through countless designs, reworks and adjustments. We devoted every minute to perfecting the product instead of trying to attract attention, and that's why we believe we are unveiling not just the first available product of this kind, but also the most stylish, most advanced, and most comfortable solution you will be able to find in the foreseeable future."