Weston Boege Glide Keyboard is one large mouse

Okay, so when you hear that something is called the Weston Boege Glide Keyboard, it's a pretty safe assumption to say it's a keyboard right? And while that's partly true, this one is a mouse too, sort of.

What makes this thing interesting is that it's a keyboard that works like a mouse, too. This requires that you have quite a bit of free space on your desk for it to work. Basically, you roll the whole keyboard around for your pointing and clicking. Equipped with low-friction pads, this keyboard can slide around on your desk with ease.

The keys are also fused, which could lead to some problems, especially if you don't hit the keys head on. Even so, it appears to be rather ergonomic and features left and right mouse buttons. No pricing information is available yet, but this is definitely an interesting combination!