Westinghouse LCD TV Stockpiled for Black Friday at BestBuy

Black Friday is just around the corner and I know I'm not going to be a door buster early in the morning, but for those who are looking for Westinghouse LCD TVs, there is a rumor that BestBuy is stocking up a lot of Westinghouse LCD TVs for black Friday.

...they were stocking up for the BF sale already. Counted about 52 of the Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTVs ($479.99, W3213) and 30 of the 42" HDTVs ($999.99, W4207). Also recognized the Advent 15" LCD TV ($129.99), estimated about 30 of them, along with a bunch of other stuff. Funny thing is, they were all labeled "Product not for sale. Hold for customer [Redacted]."

The number of available unit is unusually high for the usual black Friday, but who knows. I would still recommend lining up just in case.

Black Friday Watch: Best Buy Edition [via gizmodo]