We7 launched, offers 500,000 DRM-free MP3s at no cost

The free download service We7 is finally here, and claimed to offers 500,000 tracks of music from Sony BMG label and independent artists. These tracks are available to users for free and not protected by any kind of DRM, however it comes with pre-roll advertising that starts before the music track begins and lasts only several seconds.

The unprotected MP3 files can be use on virtually any portable audio player that supports MP3. We7 also provides advertising free tracks of the same files that have been downloaded by the user after 28 days later – it is however limited to 20 tracks a month.

All registered users can download up to 100 free tracks daily and a maximum of 500 free tracks weekly. We7 also provides full album download without the advertising for a fee. Don't expect huge catalog collections on We7 as there is only one major record label behind it.

[via PCPro]