Waze Carpool Feature Goes Live For All Users In The US

Waze has launched its Carpool feature for all users across the United States, the company has announced. The tool first arrived in New York City and San Francisco, enabling Waze users to pick up someone who needed a ride in exchange for a small bit of cash. Now anyone in the US can take advantage of the feature, helping reduce congestion on roads.

Waze Carpool isn't mean to to earn drivers a living wage or replace ridesharing services like Uber, but rather gives riders a way to make some money while driving wherever they're already going. Someone driving to work, for example, can pick up a neighbor using the app and drop them off on the way there.

The service offers a small amount of money from the rider to the driver in exchange for the ride. This helps cover the cost of gas while reducing the number of vehicles on the road. There could be other benefits for the driver, as well, such as being able to use the HOV lane, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent driving.

Drivers are able to pick up to four people for a trip, and there are filters available for limiting the riders you see. Drivers can, for example, limit the riders to the same gender only or choose to only see co-workers who need a ride to or from work. Travelers interested in getting a ride will need to download the Waze Carpool app to find one.

SOURCE: Waze (Medium)