Wayfinder digital compass

Sure, you could buy one of these and pretend like you know something about following directions and using a compass, or you could just quit playing macho and go buy something with GPS and a touchscreen. No seriously, how many of you out there actually know what a compass is let alone how to use one?

I learned, thanks to the BSA, I am pretty sure it's a requirement along the way to getting your Eagle Scout, but after I learned how to use a map and compass and other markers to find my way if I ever got lost, I started realizing how few other people know how to. With this day and age of everything even my iPod Touch (thanks to some hacking) having maps, and more devices every day, including my Helio, having GPS, its only gotten worse.

I suppose you could buy this thing for its other functions like the altimeter, clock, barometer, date, and weather forecasting, most of those are fairly useful. So, if any one of those aforementioned features interest you, feel free to cough up the $89.95 for one, but if you actually know how to use a compass, chances are, you, like me, know there is so much more data, and so many more uses, for a standard compass you could buy at Dick's or even Wal-Mart.

Wayfinder Electronic Compass [via ohgizmo]