Wavebox portable microwave

Keffan Dolly - Dec 31, 2009, 4:48 pm CST
Wavebox portable microwave

Really, who wants to go out into the wilderness and track down dinner? Sure, the idea seems fun and adventurous but  for people like myself it would result in nothing more than being swarmed by hornets and falling in a creek. And ultimately going home hungry.  Of course you could always take a bag lunch but really come on what is this 2008? The other option out for the tach savvy hunter gatherer is picking up the Wavebox portable microwave.

The Wavebox portable microwave oven can be used pretty much anywhere, and be powered by pretty much any electrical source. Cars DC systems, Euro DC or even AC. I’m not really sure if the market called for a portable microwave or not, it kind of fits in between the RV crowd and gimmicky car accessories.

At 250 bucks its not exactly a bargain either. Just look at it this way, if your car gets  stuck in the woods and you have nothing to eat at least you wont have to eat that Muskrat you snared with your shoelaces cold.

[via gizmag]

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