WattUp promises wireless charging for up to 12 devices

Wireless charging is slowly becoming part of our actual, usable tech conversation. For quite some time, we've seen wireless methods and ideas slide across our screens, only to be let down when it never happens. With two of the largest wireless charging governing bodies partnering up to lead the charge forward, we've actually got reason to smile about wireless charging. We've also got license to discuss weird ideas again, because it's actually possible we'll get them! To that, we present WattUp.

On display at CES this week, WattUp is one of those wireless charging ideas we'd have said "sure, whatever" to not long ago. CES lends itself to these kinds of wild ideas, but WattUp makes a strong case. It's also pretty well worked out.

The wall-mounted "router" (their words) can distribute wireless power to as many as 12 devices simultaneously. The router creates a charging field of up to 15 feet, making it ideal for office use.

As you charge extra devices, the power distribution gets lower. At 15 feet, you're getting about 1W power to as many as four devices. If you have all 12 in the field, each will get around 0.25W. the closer you get, the more power is distributed; the same four devices would get around 4W if they were five feet from the "router".

WattUp also has software (an app) that manages the power output to devices. Say you only want to charge your phone when it gets to 5%. WattUp can be trained to send power to your device only when it gets below a threshold, so you're not constantly charging a device when you walk into a room.

Is it coming to us? Foxconn and Haier have signed up to built WattUp (or at least work it into other tech), so it just might.

Source: Energous

Via: Geek