Watercooled PS3 - Was it really necessary?

Do you have issues with your PS3 overheating and wanting to die? Probably not. For all the drawbacks people will name, no one can say that the PS3 isn't a solid piece of hardware. Despite this fact, some overzealous gamer decided to install a custom water-cooling system into their PS3.

The mod actually looks pretty cool, though I'm not so sure I'd want those tubes hanging down behind my entertainment center. The results are as well as can be expected. The console runs at around 32°C under heavy load.

I almost wish this guy had been an Xbox 360 gamer. We all know that the 360 has issues with heat and would benefit from a water-cooling system much more than the PS3.

Water-Cooled PS3: Someone Was Bound to Do It [via gearfuse]