watchOS 7 to bring interesting new watch faces to the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is arguably the most popular smartwatch in the market but that has mostly been due to its health features. Support from third-party app makers is definitely high but first-party Apple features may not always appeal even to Apple Watch fans. Partly personal and partly technical, watchOS faces, the home screens that greet users all the time, have been particularly divisive but it seems that watchOS version 7 will bring quite a few changes that could win the wearable platform more fans.

Personalization of home screens has never been Apple's strong suit, something Android users love to point out. That's a particular pain point for the Apple Watch considering how personal watches can be. The company has slowly been adding more personalization features, like being able to use photos for the background, and 9to5Mac unearthed more coming in the next watchOS release.

For one a new "Infograph Pro" will be made available to horology fans, adding a digital tachymeter to the possible things to see on the watch face. Those who want to show off their nationalism or love for a different country might also be allowed to pick the flag of their choice. Users who want more "social" backgrounds, though, will also be able to select a photo from shared albums, commemorating memories from friends or family.

For some, the most important feature watchOS 7 might bring is the ability to share those custom watch faces you have so carefully and lovingly crafted. The Apple Watch share sheet will supposedly allow users to send the watch face over iMessage, AirDrop or maybe even other apps. That sharing, however, might be limited to a few ones that you've made yourself.

Beyond personalization aspects, watchOS 7 is also expected to bring sleep tracking support, another long-awaited feature from the masters of wearable health tracking. Depending on whether it requires specific hardware, there might even be blood oxygen level detection which could debut with a new Apple Watch series 6.