Watch3 - a design concept you can buy

There have been hoards of new design concept watches lately, but only a few of them have been actual products you can buy. Most of them are just flights of fancy that look cool. Yanko Design has a watch called the Watch3 that looks like a concept with numbers printed on the back of a crystal that you can only really make out when the watch hand moves over them.

The Watch3 also has a face coated in a phosphorescent paint allowing it to glow nicely in a dark room. The watch is Swiss made and hand assembled with a quartz movement. Only 100 of the Watch3 watches will be offered for purchase.

The watch face has a diameter of 38mm and a thickness of 6.7mm. It weighs 44g and has a stainless steel case with a leather strap. The watch can be purchased for about $570 right now.