Watch with 1GB flash inside

James Allan Brady - Nov 26, 2007

It connects via USB, and compared to some of the other USB watches I have seen, this one actually has some class to it. It’s still kind of ugly with that large blank space at the bottom of the face, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I don’t know if the USB cable is built in, or if there is a mini USB female port in the side of the watch where a cable would connect the watch to your PC. Regardless, I like the idea of combining flash storage with other objects of use, just carrying a flash drive, its easy to lose, but put that flash drive on your wrist and make it both a fashion accessory and a functional time-telling device, and you are far less likely to forget or lose it.

I also appreciate the recent move to start making it possible for more devices that already have storage space to act like USB drives such as my mobile phone, and several other PMPs are making the move too. If these multifunction storage devices had some respectable transfer speeds, and more than a gig of storage, that’d be great.

USB Watch with 1GB memory [via pclaunches]

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