Watch TV anywhere thanks to DirecTV

Over the past couple of years I have started watching my TV less and less. It's not because the programming has gotten any worse, I've just discovered that I wasted way too much time sitting there watching a box. I'd rather be working at my computer where I'm not just staring at a box, I'm using it to be somewhat productive.

For those of you that find yourself compelled to watch the boob tube religiously, you might want to check out DirecTV's new satellite TV box. As you might have guessed, this guy will let you get DirecTV programming just about anywhere. The catch? It weighs 26 pounds.

Here's a thought, if you're going to be camping in the woods for a week and you absolutely can't miss your soaps, just buy a DVR. All of your precious shows are recorded automatically, and as a bonus, you can skip past all of the commercials. But that would be too easy.

DirecTV Sat-Go Impressions (How Much is TV Anywhere Worth to You?) [via gizmodo]