Watch Sony's first PlayStation 5 TV ad talk DualSense and 3D Audio

With both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 slated for release this holiday season, we can probably expect Microsoft and Sony to begin ramping up their marketing campaigns very soon. While both companies have been talking specs and features with gamers and fans, we've yet to really see either of them start mainstream advertising. That might all change soon, as the very first PlayStation 5 TV ad has surfaced.

The ad in question was originally published to the PlayStation Hungary YouTube channel before being taken down entirely, which obviously means that someone sent it live earlier than they were supposed to. ResetEra users collected mirrors of the ad, but it wasn't long before PlayStation's US YouTube channel published the full version of the ad.

The ad clocks in at 1:14 and mostly touts the capabilities of the DualSense controller. "Welcome to a world where you can feel more," a voiceover says. "A world where you can see with sound. A world where you can feel force with your fingertips. Welcome to a world of immersion."

Throughout the ad, we see a woman in a number of different environments – first on frozen body of water where's she's attacked by a Kraken, then in some kind of jungle camp, and then in a cave where she encounters some kind of massive rock creature. The voiceover we hear throughout references the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers found in the DualSense controller and the 3D Audio capabilities of the console itself – features Sony has discussed many times in the past.

In that ResetEra thread we linked above, there are more than a few users speculating that the appearance of this ad could mean that pricing and pre-order information are coming soon. They could very well be right, but at the end of this ad, there's no such information to be found. With Sony apparently ready to kick its mainstream marketing into gear, we'll be keeping an eye on the company for more information.