Watch Dogs Season Pass brings new modes, missions

Ubisoft is announcing a Season Pass for Watch Dogs, coming in the form of a DLC for quick download. The pass brings new story lines, new game modes, and a whole lot more. The game, which is set for release on May 27, will likely have the add-on ready at launch.

The Season Pass brings you a new Conspiracy mode, which turns Chicago's citizens into digital zombies — a fresh take on the Digital Trip mode. You can also play as T-Bone, the colorful, eccentric, slightly paranoid hacker. Aiden will also get a wardrobe refresh, looking snappy no matter what the situation.

Aside from dressing the part, Aiden also gets a few extra missions. Untouchables Mode is also included, takign you back to the 1920's with Tommy Guns and proper Fedoras. Unfortunately, the Untouchables pack is specific to North America.

Watch Dogs will be made available for PlayStation 3 & 4, along with Windows PC and Xbox 360 & One. A Wii U game is still in development with no release window, but Ubisoft has confirmed to Polygon that the Season Pass won't be made available for the Nintendo platform.