Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer for PC delayed until further notice

It's not unusual for games or updates to be delayed, though there's always hope that things will eventually push through, sooner or later. Ubisoft may have just dashed those hopes, at least for players of Watch Dogs: Legion on PCs. After already delaying a promised online multiplayer by months, the game developer just announced that PC gamers will have to wait indefinitely for the feature to land. If it ever will, that is.

It's not like Ubisoft just made that decision on a whim. It's just that they discovered a severe bug that crashed the game on PCs with certain graphics cards. Rather than risk having an angry mob, they decided to err on the side of caution and announce a delay, even if they don't have a fix yet.

Consoles will still get the delayed multiplayer feature in time on March 9 but it won't be without its own caveats. One of the multiplayer modes, the raid-like Tactical Ops, is being delayed but only until March 23. Those are again due to bugs that cause the game to crash as well.

Even then, it still won't be smooth sailing, at least for PlayStation gamers. Watch Dogs: Legion's multiplayer mode will have limited text chat functionality at launch for those on both PlayStation 4 and 5. That, however, will be fixed on March 23 as well, or so Ubisoft promises.

Multiplayer mode for the latest installment of Watch Dogs was already delayed back in November exactly to squash out bugs. Although props should be given to Ubisoft for being open about the state of the game's update, it doesn't inspire much confidence that the actual launch will be smooth-sailing afterward.