Watch DIYer play original DOOM on a dissected Ikea light bulb

Getting the original DOOM game to run on lightweight hardware has morphed over the years as DIYers embrace increasingly bizarre and amusing devices. We've seen the game on old iPods, digital cameras, the Apple Watch, graphing calculators, printers, and more. The latest item added to the list is a dissected light bulb from Ikea.

The new project comes from the YouTube channel Next-Hack, which explains the process that went into this build. The DIYers took apart an Ikea TRÅDFRI RGB GU10 LED light bulb and harvested its various bits and pieces. The light bulb offers only 108kB of RAM and 1MB of internal flash storage.

That's not enough for a fully functional game, of course, which is where an inexpensive 160 x 160 resolution 1.8-inch TFT display came in. As well, the team used an external SPI flash for storing the DOOM WAD file. The full project details, including part numbers and software, can be found on Next-Hack's website.

The team notes that the DOOM port can be used as the base for other DIY projects that involve very limited RAM. As well, Next-Hack says there is some room for improvement on the project, though it was ultimately an overwhelming success. Someone who wanted to make their own portable DOOM gaming device could follow the instructions and end up with a functional product.

For those who want to experience the nostalgia of playing the classic DOOM game but aren't interested in taking apart a light bulb, there are other options. Bethesda brought updated versions of DOOM and DOOM II to Android and iOS stores not too long ago, meaning you can play them on your smartphone or tablet. The games are priced at $4.99/each.