Watch Bill Nye explain climate change in 90 seconds using emoji

You know things are getting serious on the issue of climate change when even the Pope speaks out and says the problem needs to be addressed. Sadly, that probably still won't be enough to change some people's minds, so the more efforts that are taken to educate people, the better. In order to make progress on this, more and more scientists have had to simplify their arguments and explanations. This is where Bill Nye comes in, with his recent explanation in the language everyone understands these days: emoji.

Nye's video is only 90 seconds long, which is not enough to go in-depth on the topic of climate change, but enough to cover the basics and hope people will understand. The scientist boils his point down to this: that there's far more people on the Earth than there used to be, and as a result we're all producing more carbon dioxide. This is what is causing the planet to get warmer.

As for emoji, the video does a good job of using the characters we see everyday on our smartphones as diagrams. The characters for people and various types of families are used to depict population, along with the Earth and weather icons for the climate. Oh, and don't forget lots of smiley and sad faces.

But Nye's video isn't just a micro lecture on what's wrong, he also suggests a few ideas that might improve the future, such as focusing on renewable electricity and developing better batteries for storage. With people like the Pope and Bill Nye speaking out on climate change, maybe change can come a bit more quickly.